About Us

My name is Juanita and I started this website simply to give you more direction in lead generation.  I have been working as the CMO for at one time “small business” that has turned into a very profitable machine.  Most of that is due to the lessons that have been learned in generating qualified and high value leads.

Much of this has been learned through the blood, sweat and tears of endless nights of frustration.  Our company was only a year old and nearly broke when we finally began to put in place the principles that have brought us here now.

We look back and are truly amazed at the fact we even survived as a company without having these in place and are further astounded at the massively huge companies that only do one of these well and have had such great success.

Simply put this is a place to share thoughts on these lessons that have brought us here.  The simple mysteries of lead generation that surprisingly aren’t that mysterious when you know them.

Hopefully you will stick around and get something out of the lessons that we’ve learned.