What is Lead Generation?

Lead generation is one of the life blood's of your company.

If you don't have strong lead generation you will:

  • Work harder
  • Make less money
  • Be less happy
  • and likely fail as a business

So what is it exactly?

Working from the most simple definition and according to our good friends at Perspective Edge, lead generation, is the process of generating leads.

What is a lead?

A lead is a prospect, a potential buyer, of your products/services.

How do we generate potential buyers?

I think generate is probably the wrong word. A better word would be, attract.

When it comes to "lead generation" we should be focused on attracting qualified buyers. In reality, I can't create a prospect. They already exist and they better already have a desire for what I am offering. If I am having to convince them they want what I have, then I am fighting an uphill battle.

It's like trying to sell a cheap hamburger to a guy who is full already full from a filet mignon. It's just not going to happen. He's full. Why would he want a hamburger?

But, if I found a really hungry guy who didn't have a whole lot of money. It would be much easier to sell him the hamburger as it fits right in with what he wants and can afford.

We need to think in the same lines. Who is most attracted to my product? Those are the people I need to focus my marketing efforts on.

Is my product an expensive luxury type item? I shouldn't be trying to convince all of the people out there how awesome my product is. They don't care. They can't see themselves enjoying what you have as they can't afford it. There's too much guilt. They don't have the mindset for it.

Who would be most attracted to an item like this? Someone with some money and who is looking to impress others. They want the experience your luxury items gives them. They want to feel expensive. Make sure you check out Jacksonville SEO Yelp for a good example of this. Play into the desires and wants of your prospects. This is how you create a massive flow of leads that will actually buy your products.

You don't want to have 500 leads that you have to call or follow up with that all say no to what you are offering.

Don't waste time.

Create leads out of prospects that you know will want your products. There is no point trying to appeal to people who have too many barriers in the way of purchasing what you're offering.

Here is an awesome video outlining some of the best lead generation methods: